Call For Entries

Drawn 2013 – Open Submission

Royal West of England Academy 

Exhibition Dates 23rd March to 2nd June 2013.

Submission opens 1st December 2012, closes 5pm on 14th March 2013.

The boundaries between drawing and other art forms has always been blurred; when does the outline become the painting, the graph become the blueprint, the line become the work?

As a means of communication and navigation, drawing has taken on a universality and accessibility unlike any other medium. It is a building block of creativity, key to the visualisation and translation of ideas and practices, fundamental in making, doing, testing, failing, designing, thinking, playing and living.

Drawing has taken on different definitions across the centuries, crossing spatial and theoretical boundaries, creating signposts that act as intersections between disciplines as diverse as typography and photography. Drawing allows us to analyse, record, map, mark and form, making the abstract legible, and the legible oblique. Its history is inscribed with legibility as it skirts around the boundaries of text and image. It can be either a representation, or an expression, creating shadows and memories, marks and imprints, traces in space.

Drawn 2013 aims to raise the profile of drawing, exploring it as both an autonomous discipline and an interdisciplinary tool. The exhibition pushes the parameters of drawing by exploring the parallel language of multiple disciplines.

Submissions are invited from artists who either draw, or explore the concept of drawing in their work, including: illustrators, videographers, sculptors, printers, embroiderers, typographers, animators and architects etc.

Artists are encouraged to use both wall and floor space utilising both traditional and experimental techniques and technologies, exploring the boundaries of drawing.

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