Joan Fontcuberta – Conspiratorial Notes

Ivan Istochnikov / Sputnik

Conspiratorial Images – Joan Fontcuberta.
At the Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol, 9th April 2019

…some ideas about my work. My second time in Bristol.
…early 70s, active 45 years.
80-90 different projects… torture for you, I’ll just show a few.
…fake …post truth.
…more concrete way, why photographs are important in our lives.
…values of industrial revolution, colonial,
Most of my concerns are will teaching.
Loads with…

We also need some kind of adjustment, a specialist in analysing.
…taking care, photographic eye.
I prefer to make the photographs talk for themselves.

Series started in 1990.
I experience powerful computers daily with photography…
The possibilities of digital intervention and storytelling,
The Berlin Wall came down and Photoshop was invented.
…more exiting tribes for anthropology.
Rockets were missiles and all the information was shadowed in propaganda…
…and here my story starts.

Ivan Istochnikov
Why a humble cosmonaut has been denied from Soviet history…?
Well I’m a journalist.
I can re-construct the story of Ivan Istochnikov. Who is he? Well he is me!
…being transparent.
…for me I provide a phantom, a ghost.
It’s me who will receive and reply…
Cosmonaut food, well, cat food… add a red star.
I went to my own family album…
Visiting hospitals, and schools. Here I’m greeting the workers and engineers.
This is my space craft.
…why Istochnikov was banned. It was a crash and he died.
He was lost in space.
The Soviet authorities thought he should be deleted from documents.
The relatives were threatened.
Only with perestroika and glasnost… it was kryptonite.
…with flour and eggs, this is floating potato.
Once you create a credibility framework, anything can go.

…to get acquainted with the design and the typography.
It’s a book in Russian, English and Spanish too.
This is the text, the publication.
It’s a book, it’s a library, in the history section. It’s a trap.
If you explain that everything is fake…
Have some complicity.
This is not a fact.
This is an invention of Juan Fontcuberta.
I have been press-releasing and sometimes they publish.

So this is the kind of project I like to do.
I never finish a project. I just abandon it.
Now I will jump to another project.
I have been criticised, you are joking with religion, with history.
I will finish with Holy Innocence.

(Conspiratorial note-taking by Stephen Monger, writing in the dark).