Bristol Pound Winner – Marta Zubieta

MA Graphic Arts student Marta has had her design selected to adorn the new Bristol Pound £5 note 2018 edition.

Marta Zubieta

The judges loved both of Marta’s entries and in the end, they decided on an amalgamation of the 2 so that all of their favourite aspects of the designs can be included on the money. The bold colours and strong imagery of Bristolian symbols are what made this design stand out.

This is Marta’s description of her work:

“The theme of my submissions is mainly Art and Culture, and it is a combination of Bristol icons and emblems. It is called Bristol Creatures, and I have included in it emblematic icons, new and old ones, of our city. You can find an SS Great Britain with the LGBT flag, a confused Goram hunting balloons, or the Bristol Bear (Stokes Croft icon) skating with a ‘we love Bristol’ message in a flag.

The interesting thing about the 2 submissions are 2 halves of a same landscape, so If the notes get printed it could be like a game to find and join these 2 pieces of our amazing city.”

Source: Bristol Pound