Comic & Zine Fair Application 2018

Alastair Myers

Alastair Myers

The faded memory of a 1950’s schools’ championship cross country medal found in the bottom of a draw after my father’s passing 24 years ago? A need for escape? Whatever the reason, running has become the experience that sustains me, that gives me purpose, that offers answers, and running is, for me, a source of creativity, of understanding, of therapy, a way to both run full tilt at some problems, and to escape from others.

AIMLESS MOTION ZINE – My work is looking at documentation and visual exploration of running as an examination of wider psychological and sociological issues. I possess a strong belief that the creative process and running are closely linked. My weapon of choice is digital.

‘Running, like literature, like art, helps you to remember and re-experience some of the impossible strangeness of what it means to be who and what we are, of what it means to be human.’ (Gregan-Reid,’Footnotes’. V. 2016 p.149)

Recommended Zine: Bradford Baked

Marta Zubieta

Marta Zubieta

I’m a Bristol based multidisciplinary artist who explores popular culture through sexy and creepy icons using tropical and retro influences to mix human body parts with organic jungle and cosmic elements. Inspired by Tumblr gif artists collectives, south-american chicha and sci-fi movies, my colorful illustrations tickle an optical festival for the mind willing to travel through the vines of a neptunian jungle. My weapon of choice is traditional drawing and colour in tablet.

Recommended Zine: Mr Sandman, The Incal and Robert Hunter comic

Renia Maj

I was born in Cracow, Poland, where I grew up. This is also where I first discovered that I want to pursue education in visual arts, thanks to art classes at a local Community Centre. In 2016 I graduated from Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Gdańsk with a degree in Graphic Design.

I am passionate about things just looking good and/ or being easy to interact with. I am especially fond of all the typographical forms; be it lettering, calligraphy, editorial or typography. I feel strongly about urban spaces we live in and the possible ways of making them better. Other than that, I love cycling around the city, going on field trips and watching nature. I prefer long talks over short ones, but I get the importance of the latter. Reading is my favourite past-time and it connects to my passion for book and magazine design. I collect all sorts of printed matter and get excited every time I see a dog on the street. I paint from time to time and give it my best, but do not think much of it. Currently, I am a postgraduate student at University of the West of England Bristol, where I explore my field from a different angle on MA Graphic Arts. My weapon of choice is brush/ latin/ vector pen, ink & InDesign.

Comic recommendation: Paper Girls

Tom Henderson

Surface pattern design has become my primary creative interest; the application of patterns allows for illustrations to be communicated and shared widely on many surfaces. With equal interest, the natural world provides the content of my work often, drawn from years of growing up in pursuit of wild places and curious creatures. I still recall childhood fragments of ‘My Family and Other Animals’ by Gerald Durrell and am filled with a desire to share narratives and moments of my own observations of the natural world. I want to explore themes of nature and use illustration and repetition to further convey narrative and aesthetic in more meaningful and challenging ways. I value those who identify that nature is not just about a peaceful form or colourful feather, but the savagery of the hunt, the ritual of mating and the cycle of life and death. There is a truth to the natural world that deserves to be shared more! In doing so, perhaps it can help us ultimately save it. Importantly, we are not separated from it but united. As such, conservation is the foundation of my being creative. My weapon of choice is brush pen, pencil and graphics tablet.

Recommended comic/zine: I should read more of them!

Fangyao Lu

I’m an international student living in Bristol, and need to be charged with manga, anime and rice daily. I enjoy creating dramatic scenes/characters with heavy details, but also like playing around with playful colours. I truly believe ‘90s Japanese Manga and Anime is the best’. I agree the line is the most powerful media to describe stories. Robot Fights, Androids, space are the recent interests. My weapon of choice is pen and tablet.

Recommendation: Wang Yishu – Borderless

Charlotte Murray

Hello! I’m Charlotte and I’m an artist and designer based in Bristol, UK. I’m currently studying  MA Graphic Arts at UWE Bristol. I dabble in all areas of visual communication, but I have a real soft spot for typography, lettering and editorial design. I use a mixture of analogue and digital processes – I’m all about clean and simple design, but I also love things with a handmade and personal quality that show character and individuality. I’m primarily interested in how graphic design can be used for social activism, and my work mostly revolves around tackling gender inequality and questioning the assumptions commonly made about women. Before I started studying for this MA, my background was in the social sciences – more academic and less practical/ creative. I’m keen to explore how academic discourse about social issues can be made more accessible via art and design. Ultimately, I think the best way of describing my work is that I like encouraging people to not be shit to each other, but in an aesthetically-pleasing way. My weapon of choice is a tablet.

Recommended comic or zine: Girls Get Busy

Robert Ruszczyk

Hi! I am a graphic designer and illustrator from Poland. Born and raised in a coastal city of Gdynia. I currently reside in Bristol, studying MA Graphic Arts at UWE Bristol. As a graphic designer I mainly specialize in editorial and poster design, I guess it comes from my love of books and everything paper. However, I dabble in everything visual. I can geek out over every aspect of art or design, from modernist architecture, through industrial design, comics, illustrations to movies. I tend to have strong opinions about it, but hey we all have them, right? I always try to combine the traditional with more modern digital methods. I guess it can sound a bit generic, still drawing with a pencil feels right. My work often has a distorted and glitchy aspect to it. It often is an amalgamation of drawings, photographs processed randomly by various analog or digital methods.Those warped images come together nicely with things that interest me. I am into a lot of things geek, like science fiction, weird stories, retro video games, pixel art and bad movies… I looove bad movies. My weapon of choice is pen, paint, pixel and vector.

Recommend a comic or zine? Punk Rock Jesus by Sean Murphy

Beatriz Leonardo

Falling from a faraway meteor into this Earth, a small girl attempts to reproduce her memories of space aliens and masked creatures using simple black lines. Get ready to get lost in a world of circles and squares, where all that is ephemeral is forever. My weapon of choice is the Indian ink brush.

Recommend a comic or zine: Habibi – Craig Thompson

Angie Palmer

I’m interested in the strong emotions we carry with us each day but are hidden, trapped, not listened to. When we see something that triggers theses emotions and allows them to rise to the surface and be felt it can be liberating, healing, perhaps a relief that someone else understands that feeling too. I’m drawn to honest text and honest visuals that deal with the reality of everyday life and feelings. I’ve been a ‘professional’ graphic designer for about nine years, working in agencies mostly, and I’m studying for my MA in graphic arts. I’m also a single mother to a little boy, which has bought such great joy but also some hurdles and a great massive thump of raw emotion. Things that are supposed to be more accessible now – talking about mental health and all that, there’s still stigma when it comes to admitting things are shit at times. Postnatal depression? Yeah, it’s acceptable to say you’re struggling and you need more support and maybe even some antidepressants for a little while. That’s safe and applauded. But that’s not the reality for many women going through it, it can be messy and manic and angry and the utter desperation knows no limits. How do we get to realise that’s normal? I like creating honest portrayals of what little day to day realities are like. It’s just refreshing to be able to relate and connect a bit, to embrace those things that are bubbling under the surface. My weapon of choice is the camera and a pencil.

Repro Rights Zine