A Flavor of Indian Graphic Design

John Ravi joined us on MA Graphic Arts this year and he points the way to five graphic designers/studios from his home country of India that we should know about. He writes:

This is my list of 5 individuals/agencies who I think stand out from the crowd of Indian designers. This list has designers working in various fields of design. Today, a lot of designers in India are taking inspiration from it’s rich heritage of art.

Sameer Kulavoor 

He is a Mumbai based Illustrator who founded the company Bombay Duck Design. He takes inspiration from everyday life which is reflected in his work Kulavoor sees a careful and calculated use of color. The project above, Blued, is an illustrated document of the use of Taad-Patri (tarpaulin) in Indian urban centres.

Beard Design

Beard Design is design studio, based in Goa, that works with start-ups on Branding and Design Projects. It is founded by designer Abhishek Sarda. Most of their designs are done in Flat-style. I love their branding projects because of the shapes and colours they use. In opinion they are an agency that stand out from the rest.

Acid Toad

The heavy metal scene in India has grown over the last 10 years and this genre of music is heavily reliant on artwork. Enter Gaurav Basu a.k.a Acid Toad. He is not only an illustrator, but also the lead singer of the Indian band Inner Sanctum. He designs posters, murals and band artwork. His process begins by designing on paper, inking them and then rendering them digitally.

Hanif Kureshi

Hanif is a designer currently working in the New Delhi office of ad agency Wieden+Kennedy. Born in India, as a child Hanif always wanted to work as a street painter, often working with the painters in on his school holidays. His project Hand Painted Type is dedicated to preserving the typographic practice of street painters around India.

Alok Nanda

Alok Nanda & Company is an advertising agency based in Mumbai. Their work includes: branding, packaging, identity, interiors, typography, and ads. Their extraordinary portfolio consists of clients such as Barista, Lodha Constructions, Crosswords, Wrangler and Lee in India. The work is classic, understated, sophisticated, sexy, modern, well written, every type element is carefully picked, beautifully crafted and infused with wit and humor.