Sue Coe Lecture

Sue Coe Lecture, Open to all staff and students Monday 3rd November 2.00pm University of the West of England Bower Ashton Campus, room OD37 Dept of Creative Industries

Sue will be travelling from her home in New York State to Bristol as part of a series of lectures organised by, The Royal College of Art, Falmouth University, and University of the West of England.

Sue Coe makes work primarily in drawing and printmaking. She currently lives in upstate New York. and has won many awards and prizes. Sue has exhibited internationally, publishing several books of her visual essays including, How to Commit Suicide in South Africa, X (The Life and Times of Malcolm X), Dead Meat, and Cruel.

‘The most important question is: the content of your work – What can you show in art that is not shown? What is important to say at this time? What is your mission? What are you passionate about? Focus on being really good at drawing, the basis of everything, whether it be computer animation, or painting, if you can’t draw, you can’t think. No intelliget artist, no intelligent art’.