Catching Up with Oli-T

I had an unexpected visit this week from the graphic artist Oli Timmins. (Oli completed MA Graphic Arts in 2011). It quickly became apparent why he had not answered any emails over the year – he had been far too busy working on exciting projects.

Oli collaborated on the recently published ‘3D and the art of Massive Attack’ with Robert Del Naja, ‘a 400-page special edition retrospective book collecting over 25 years of work by Massive Attack co-founder and artist Robert Del Naja aka 3D.’ More details here.

Book Front: 3D and the Art of Massive Attack


Book Back: 3D and the Art of Massive Attack

He explained how it was in many respects a dream project, but also a more complicated proposition sequencing only images without text. The book comes complete in a pizza box design outer and with a 12″ vinyl disc.