The Audio Information

To accompany the 2014 Degree Show, the students from MA Graphic Arts, collaborated on a project responding to the theme of ‘Information and New Technology’. The final outcome was a double sided A2 map-fold print on 80 gsm (quantity 1000).  They also invited guests to make work that responded to the theme. Copies can be collected at the degree show.

The sound artist Francesco Paolo Addati made a piece for the project. He writes:

Globalization, a controversial and widely debated phenomenon that presents itself with the burden of the biggest modern contradictions, a process that links ways of living and thinking on a large scale. And in this digital era this concept of connection is inevitably linked to the concept of information, where the information becomes knowledge of everyone, a common knowledge, a flow of exchanges where our dear privacy becomes public. But to what extent private barriers are abolished? To where the human being pushes himself, in the name of the global phenomenon? And so soon the internet world, a perfect scenario for “the sharing”, changes itself in a mass control system publicly unmasked thanks to the recent question of DATAGATE. “QWERTY” is born as a project of sound research that wants to draw the attention to the fact that, paradoxically, is the user himself, driven by a social need, who offers his data to the web using social networks, specific websites and mail.